Sewing Services by Penny Marble

T-Shirt Quilts:  Do you have a bunch of beloved T-shirts that you want to treasure?  Turn them into a quilt!  Check it out here!

Ribbon Quilts:  Are you a show person?  Horse shows, dog shows, beauty pageants … do you have all those ribbons stored in a box in your closet. Bring them out and let me turn them into a pillow, a wall quilt, a bed runner, a dresser scarf so that you can display them beautifully.  You can see some samples here!

Memory Quilts:  We can also take clothing of a lost loved one and create memory quilts, including pictures of your loved one.  Let us create an eternal hug for you to keep your loved ones close forever.  (This includes pets – we can take pictures of your beloved pet and turn them into a beautiful quilt or wall hanging!) Click here for more information.

Commission Quilts:  Have a special baby shower or wedding coming up?  We can make you a handmade, beautiful heirloom to gift your special friend or family member.  Contact us today, and we will work with your to create a one-of-a-kind gift like no other.

Longarm Services:  For our quilter friends, we offer longarm services as well.  We keep our handy BabyLock Crown Jewel purring to finish all your beautiful quilt tops.  We do not have a minimum charge, so even small items are welcome!  More information and our rates can be found here.